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Complainant Information (Person Filing Complaint)

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Use License Verification to lookup an individual's license or certificate.

Complaint Information

Be sure to include complaint facts including: dates, times and locations of incidences; statements made; and any behaviors which were observed by licensees/certificate holders.
Be sure to include witness names, addresses, telephone numbers, and statements regarding incidents.
Use the fields below to include copies of relevant supporting documents such as patient records including patient name and/or medical record number, incident reports, memos, written statements, narcotic count sheets, Pyxis reports, narcotic audits, urine drug screen results, anecdotal/counseling notes, time cards, pertinent policies and procedures, and payroll reports. Alternatively you can email supporting documentation to [email protected]

NOTE: As required by A.R.S. § 32-1664(L) “information received and records kept by the Board as a result of an investigation are not available to the public.”

Please be advised that the applicant/licensee/certificate holder may be furnished a copy of the complaint upon request. However, if the disclosure of your name will pose a risk to you, a copy of the complaint with redacted ID information may be provided. If in the Board’s discretion, there is a risk of identification, the Board reserves the right to refuse furnishing a copy of the complaint.

Verification by Oath or Affirmation:

I verify that the statements are true in every respect; that I have not suppressed any information that would affect this complaint; that I will conform to ethical standards of conduct and obey the laws and rules of the Arizona State Board of Nursing ; that I have read and understand that failure to disclose the requested information or disclosure of false information or disclosure of misleading information may constitute fraud and may result in criminal prosecution.

By clicking the "SUBMIT COMPLAINT" button, you agree to the above Verification by Oath or Affirmation.

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