Call for members

The Scope of Practice Committee is currently recruiting for nurses interested in volunteering to serve on the committee for a two-year term beginning June, 2019,  through June, 2021.

The committee has a rich and diverse membership, which includes staff nurses, administrators and faculty members from the various agencies and health care settings throughout the state.  Examples of the work product of the committee are found in the Advisory Opinions on the AZBN website: Read more in the document below.

Membership Expectations

1. Attends at least 6 out of 8 scheduled meetings
2. Commits to reading SOP packet prior to the scheduled meetings.
3. Serves on a subcommittee for review of a minimum of 3 advisory opinions each year.
4. Serves as “lead person” on at least 1 of the Advisory Opinion reviews in my first term of membership on the SOP committee, and once per year in my second term, if reappointed by the Board.
5. Provides feedback to their facility staff /administration about new/revised advisory opinions that the Board has approved.
6. Consistently gathers input from various units within their facility about what the nursing staff / administration/policies currently include and/or what staff suggest that should be considered for inclusion, regarding advisory opinions that are currently being reviewed.
7. As lead person completes “Review of Advisory Opinion Worksheet” (attached) to keep sub- committee members fully informed of assignments, responsible persons, and critical submission dates.
8. As lead person, makes sure that draft advisory opinion changes and educational information for the SOP packet are submitted on or before the established date for inclusion in the packet.
9. Is an active RN or LPN in good standing.

Download the Membership Expectations Form

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

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