48 Hour Emergency Temporary License

Mar 18, 2019

On September 24, 2018, the Arizona State Board of Nursing implemented a new licensing database and self-service portal. The AZ Nurse Portal is a confidential and secure cloud based system designed for license management and discipline enforcement across all nursing licensure types. The self-service portal provides Arizona licensees/certificate holders and prospective applicants the ability to manage their initial and renewal applications online, submit verification requests electronically, make payments and view license/certificate status.

All current licensee/certificate holders and applicants must create an account through the Nurse Portal.

With the implementation of this new system, you will notice some significant changes in the application and renewal process.

  • Paper applications will no longer be accepted. All applications must be completed online and supporting documents must be uploaded.
  • You must create an account in the Nurse Portal to complete your application or renewal and submit supporting documents.
  • If you hold an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Certificate, you must complete an application for BOTH the RN and the APRN. Please note there is no additional charge to renew the APRN certificate if you hold an Arizona RN license. There is a charge for an APRN certificate if you do not hold an Arizona RN license.
  • The Board does not print original or duplicate licenses. All license/certificate verifications must be done online. (Original APRN Certificates will be mailed to the address of record).
  • All payment must be made using a credit card (credit, debit, or prepaid) with a U.S.A. billing address.
  • Email communications with the Board are routed through the Nurse Portal.
  • 48-hour Emergency Temporary licenses must be completed in person at the Board offices with all supporting documents at the time of application. 


Our goal is to review applications and renewals as timely as possible, but expect delays in the processing as many nurses are learning the new system. To assist us in helping you in the process, please review the application instructions and video found on the AZBN website before contacting the Board offices as we are experiencing unusually high call volumes.


Getting Started

Step 1: Click the the Nurse Portal button.

Step 2: Create an account (if you have not already done so). If you have an open application with the Arizona State Board of Nursing, or a temporary license, you must provide your first and last name, date of birth and social security number when you create an account. If you have ever had a license/certificate (including lapsed/expired and inactive) you must answer "yes" to the question "Do you have a license with the Arizona State Board of Nursing." When you create an account, you need to make sure your name matches our system. For example, if your name has changed since you last renewed, when you create your account through the portal, you must use your previous name. Once the account is active, you can go through the process of changing your name.

Step 3: Read the instructions, complete the application and submit.


48 Hour Emergency Temporary License*

We are processing applications for 48-hour emergency temporary licenses only if there is a verified emergency.  The process applicants must adhere to are:

  • To qualify for a 48-hour emergency temporary license, the applicant must come to the office and complete the application, submit all required documents, and pay fees on the lobby kiosk.
  • If an application has already been submitted online, the 48-hour emergency temp is no longer available.
  • Applicant must bring completed fingerprint card
  • Applicant must have a job offer letter dated within 7 days of the start date. Applicant's name must be on the letter, with the start date, on the letterhead of the agency.
  • Applicant must bring lawful presence documents and photo identification
  • Applicant must have 960 hours of nursing practice within the last 5 years (if the nursing program was completed more than 5 years ago)
  • If a foreign educated nurse applicant must have a copy of Visa screen or CGFNS with CGFNS ID number.
  • The applicant may not have a “Yes” answer to disciplinary questions on the application
  • A NURSYS check must be negative for current discipline
  • The entire application process must be started and completed while in the office
  • If an application is submitted online,  the 48 hr option in no longer available

*All requirements must be met to accept the application as a 48-hour application. If these requirements cannot be met, the applicant can apply through the Nurse Portal on the website to apply for a 6-month temporary license.