Changes to New Nursing Program Rule (A.A.C. 4-19-207) - Proposed Emergency Rulemaking

Sep 27, 2023

The Board will hold a Special Board Meeting on September 28, 2023, to discuss updates to proposed revisions to a rule change intended to provide greater flexibility to the Nursing Board when considering applications for new nursing programs.

Arizona Administrative Code Rule 4-19-207(A)(2)(k) currently limits parent institutions from opening a new nursing program if they have at least one other nursing program that is either 1) on probation (or other ongoing disciplinary actions), 2) doesn’t meet NCLEX 80% pass rate requirements, or 3) doesn’t meet the on time graduation rate rule requirements.

The purpose of the rule revisions is to provide greater flexibility to the Board to permit parent institutions to open new nursing schools if they can demonstrate that they are capable of producing a new nursing program that will be in the best interests of the public and able to meet the other applicable requirements for nursing programs.

The updates to the proposed revisions are subject to Board review, modification, and approval. The proposed new language (uploaded for ease of access) includes clarifications and additional criteria for the Board to use when making a "best interests of the public" determination.

The Board is currently seeking emergency rulemaking to expedite this change. Emergency rulemaking is processed and approved through the Attorney General's Office, and is valid for 180 days. If approved, the Board would then seek regular rulemaking.