SARA: State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, SARA, is an agreement between institutions, states and higher education regional compacts for the delivery of distance education across state borders.

The Arizona Board of Nursing regulates pre-licensure, and APRN programs. AZBN does not review out-of-state nursing programs for alignment with USDE Regulation 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5). This level of review is incumbent upon the out-of-state nursing program and persons seeking licensure in Arizona. Review of AZBN statutes and rules by your legal counsel is strongly encouraged.

AZBN requirements for pre-licensure nursing programs may be found in AZBN’s Rules and Regulations, Article 2. Arizona Registered and Practical Nursing Programs:

  • R4-19-201. Organization and Administration

  • R4-19-203. Administrator; Qualifications and Duties

  • R4-19-205. Students; Policies and Admissions

  • R4-19-206. Curriculum

AZBN requirements for APRN nursing programs may be found in AZBN’s Rules and Regulations, Article 5. Advanced Practice Registered Nursing

  • R4-19-501. Roles and Population Foci of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN); Certification Program

  • R4-19-502. Requirements for APRN Programs


Approval of Out-of-State Nursing Programs Geographically Operating within Arizona is Required

Out-of-State pre-licensure and APRN programs planning to provide education within Arizona (i.e. schools, faculty or students geographically located within Arizona OR schools located outside of Arizona with faculty or students engaged in clinicals for pre licensure and APRN programs geographically located in Arizona), must be approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing. For more information about applying for approval of your out-of-state program in Arizona, please go to the Nursing Program Regulation Resources page on our website and also the APRN Program Clinicals in AZ by Out-of-State Programs Advisory Opinion.


For more information about Arizona’s Nurse Practice Act, please email [email protected].

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