Prescribing Requirements

Arizona HSAG Links to Medication Management Tools


HSAG, Arizona’s Medicare contracted Quality Improvement Organization, has added medication management resources to its website, As prescribers, you may be interested in integrating them into practice to reduce adverse drug reactions by improving medication safety practices for 3 high risk medication classes, anticoagulants, diabetic agents and opioids. The Quick Tips for Prescribers, one for each drug class can be viewed by clicking on the webpage link below and then opening the down arrow for the list of documents. They are meant to be printed double-sided to keep them at ‘one-page’.


HSAG Links:


HSAG Arizona Medication Management Tools


HSAG Medication Management Resources: Another tool you may be interested in is the Medication History Toolkit that was launched in November that was designed to improve practices related to obtaining a comprehensive and accurate medication history and a video on pharmacist integration to improve medication outcomes. The toolkit can be used for nurses who are the one’s doing the bulk of medication histories everywhere. The toolkit even includes a competency validation checklist.

32-3248.02.Health professionals; substance use or addiction continuing education

A health professional who is authorized under this title to prescribe schedule II controlled substances and who has a valid United States drug enforcement administration registration number or who is authorized under chapter 18 of this title to dispense controlled substances shall complete a minimum of three hours of opioid-related, substance use disorder-related or addiction-related continuing education each license renewal cycle. The three hours of continuing medical education or accredited continuing education that is approved by the applicable health profession regulatory board shall be included as part of any continuing education requirements for that health professional.


The Arizona Board of Pharmacy asked the Board of Nursing to remind Arizona prescribers to follow prescribing laws when generating a prescription. Specifically, when e-prescribing, prescribers must remember to apply the order to paper that includes security features as described below.


Arizona Revised Statute 32-1968 Dispensing prescription‑only drug; prescription orders; refills; labels; misbranding; dispensing soft contact lenses states:


Dispensing prescription-only drug; prescription orders; refills; labels; misbranding; dispensing soft contact lenses


  1. A prescription-only drug shall be dispensed only under one of the following conditions:
    1. By a medical practitioner in conformance with section 32-1921.
    2. On a written prescription order bearing the prescribing medical practitioner's manual signature.
    3. On an electronically transmitted prescription order containing the prescribing medical practitioner's electronic or digital signature that is reduced promptly to writing and filed by the pharmacist.
    4. On a written prescription order generated from electronic media containing the prescribing medical practitioner's electronic or manual signature. A prescription order that contains only an electronic signature must be applied to paper that uses security features that will ensure the prescription order is not subject to any form of copying or alteration
  2. Additional information for Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants Prescribing Buprenorphine-Lin